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Bruce Clifton - Sonia Parker
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The Spiritual Centre, a pink building in clouds with rainbows and unicorn
The Spiritual Centre, a pink building in clouds with rainbows and unicorn

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The Spiritual Centre.net
Our sister site promotes life changing solutions through spirituality, mindfulness, tarot, and influences from a higher source.
'Be the best you can be.'

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Animal Spirit Oracle.com
Is our little baby created in 2023 the website is a showcase of more than two years work. Animal Spirit Oracle deck consisting of 52 cards about the animal kingdom: the influences, synchronicities, energies and how they harmonise with the world we live.


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The Spiritual Centre.com
This is currently our flagship website, it is the original website for the group. Looking for something spiritual then this is the place to look.
It is amongst the longest serving spiritual websites on the internet today. We are proud of our heritage and looking forward to the future.
Bruce Clifton is the creator and caretaker of this site.

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The Spiritual Centre Shop.com
Step into the Spiritual Centre Shop and immerse yourself in a collection of meaningful treasures from our everyday journeys. We are excited to share with you the elements that uplift our spirits and bring joy to our lives.

Animal Spirit Oracle Deck

Animals have so much to teach us about the joys of life. One of our favourite quotes is:

'love the life you live'

and this is something that we can learn from the animal kingdom. Watching animals in their natural environment reminds us how simple life can be, and encourages us to make the most of every moment.

The Animal Spirit Oracle Deck is a powerful tool to help you explore the deep wisdom of the animal kingdom. It offers insight into the spiritual realm and provides guidance on how to follow your intuition.

This deck is filled with vibrant images and inspiring messages that are sure to bring clarity and insight into your life. It is a powerful reminder of our connection to the natural world, as well as the strength and resilience of those who have come before us.

The Animal Spirit Oracle Deck can be described as a phoenix rising from the ashes—a beautiful symbol of rebirth, growth, and hope.

Animal Spirit oracle deck, publicityAnimal Spirit oracle deck, publicity
Animal Spirit oracle deck frontAnimal Spirit oracle deck front
Animal Spirit oracle deck and cardsAnimal Spirit oracle deck and cards

Bruce Clifton & Sonia Parker

Animal Spirit oracle deck backAnimal Spirit oracle deck back
Altar Mat, Animal Spirit Oracle deck, The Spiritual Centre Shop;Altar Mat, Animal Spirit Oracle deck, The Spiritual Centre Shop;