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Bruce clifton

It is my pleasure to dedicate this page to the individuals I have had the privilege of assisting through healing and education over the years.

My mentors, colleagues and clients have been instrumental in helping me become the person I am today. From their guidance, wisdom, and support, I've learned invaluable lessons about life and work. Out of respect and admiration for these people, I dedicate this page to them. Together, they have shaped my beliefs and values – each one teaching me something new that I carry with me forever, and hopefully "pay it forward."

If you're looking for some inspiration, advice or just a few words of encouragement, then you've come to the right place. Here I want to share my thoughts and experiences with all of you reading this page. Whether it's one person or many, I hope that by taking something away from this page, it will bring you happiness and peace of mind. So take your time and read through these personal testimonials and reviews carefully - it could be the start of a beautiful journey!

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Thank you Sonia and Bruce For This Amazing 4 Weeks Sessions. Had an Amazing Time and Got to Know alot More info About the Seerguru platform...!!!
Grateful – Diva

Great. TKS to Sonia ans Bruce.

Oh just fabulous, loved it all, really great with smashing energy connections with Bruce and Sonia. Thanks so much both of you and the rest of the team for all you are doing to support us all together. Much love x Nicola

Bruce Clifton & sonia Parker, Virtual experiences and online workshops and classes
Bruce Clifton & sonia Parker, Virtual experiences and online workshops and classes

I would like to express my humble gratitude to Bruce and Sonia for leading us on a powerful 4 week journey. Time Flies and there was so much to learn from power packed sessions. It will definately help one to grow more spiritually in life and helps us in our readings.


A fun introduction to many of the fellow readers. Was great to hear about so many backgrounds and approaches. Looking forward to next week. - Andrew

I love Sonia and Bruce's energy and when we did the exercise it was great, though I felt the overall session could have been more focused. It felt more like a fun social with a fun exercise rather than a more in depth exploration of tools and techniques we may or may not use as readers. Looking forward to next week. – Andrew

Session was so special, the energy and support is fantastic.
Just a suggestion if the groups were a little smaller for the next workshops as there’s a lot to get round. Or extend the workshop by an email xtra week or two so that there is one topic per week rather than trying to get so much in . Just a thought. Bruce and Sonia are great teachers and give us food for thought .
Thank you

Really enjoyed this session, not done remote viewing for a long time. Lovely to share everyone’s feedback – Angela

Great eye opener, I feel more equipped with the knowledge and experience I gained from the sessions. – Maria

Sonia and Bruce have done a fantastic job of helping us to reach our full potential, and I'm really excited not just for the platform to go live but also to work alongside all the amazing people from this group. And thank you to Carl for stopping by too! Susanne

Amazing! Lovely lovely group - Isabelle

Sonia and Bruce are amazing - extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring. I felt very supported and encouraged to share my uniqueness. Thank you, Sonia and Bruce, for a wonderful, enlightening 4 weeks. – Valerie

Would be good to have regular meet ups to share skills , knowledge and support. Both Bruce and Sonia have been supportive, kind , understanding and great sources of information and help. Good feedback on activities, supportive, and understanding.
Thank you – Angie

Sonia & Bruce were FABULOUS wish we had a few more weeks :( - Mickey

"Wednesday was lovely and thank you! I have had a chance to check on Dolphins and i can resinate with this. The gold circle symbols and gold i saw not sure. Triangle will look later."

~ Michelle. Chelmsford

"Hi Bruce, thank you for the distance healing. I am sleeping better and husband is happier with his new job."
~ Kate

Here's what our customers say

"Hello Bruce, thank you for the healing. I am happy to recommend you to anyone. I am sleeping better, the arthritis isn't as painful and my hands feel like they are a part of me again."

~ William. Edmonton

"Dear Bruce, see you next time the kids are off school, I always sleep better after seeing you. I am going to have to see you more often."
~ Karen London

"Bruce I am glad I get the chance to see you every week or almost every week, thank you very much. xx"
~ J London

​"I have had a ganglion on my foot for over 30 years, after just 2 healing sessions with Bruce it completely disappeared. I have every faith in his healing"
~ Maureen, London

"I was able to ride my horse without pain for the first time in over two years, I even rode a horse on holiday. It was amazing, thank you Bruce -
Roseanna. London.

"My name is Daniel I have mild pain in my back and Bruce came to my place with his massage chair, Honestly still don't know how Bruce take that pain from my back, although I don't believe in spirits.
Thank you very much Bruce"
~ Daniel ~

Bruce, i have just read your article about my ******* in the Psychic News and it bought back bad memories for me, in your article you said you dont do miracles well i say you do bruce, know one will tell me any different for what you done on that day something i will remember for the rest of my life.
Thanks is a little word considering what you have done for me, ******* and all of our family.

I was told by the doctor in ICU that ****** was going to die i will never know what you did that day but thanks to you and the spirit world my ****** pulled through and is continuing fighting fit!.
So once again thank you.
Roy ( *******s hubby) x


"Hello, thank you for the healing at the festival, I am sleeping much better and it has been a week since I saw you."
Many Thanks. anon

"The workshop was very informative, opened my eyes up to energy and how powerful it can be."


"The workshop was thorough, interesting and inspiring."

"Thank you so much for a lovely day. You have made it a real pleasure.
​Keep up the good work."
~~~ Les ~~~

" I found the course very informative and enjoyable, it left me wanting to learn more "
~ ~

" I found the course very informative and enjoyable, it left me wanting to learn more "
~ ~

​"Excellent time at workshop. Very well prepared, it was fun & everyone was happy. A very enjoyable day"
~ Pamela, London ~

​""The interaction of delegates was very encouraging. Participation in workshops "hands on" is very useful. I am looking forward to the next one"

"An enjoyable day, extremely interesting and informative, very different, lots to think about."

"I was aware of how much knowledge Bruce had to impart from looking at his website. I really enjoyed the day and learnt much. It was particularly interesting to learn how to work and heal using energy and not spirit. Love the tree cards and pendulum exercises. Thank You."

"It was very good to work with the energy in a different way. The workshop was relaxed, not to formal and not to informal, it was just right. I will be attending the next workshop a very enjoyable day.

Bruce Clifton & Sonia Parker conducting a workshop
Bruce Clifton & Sonia Parker conducting a workshop

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