Bnwyfre: Life force Energy, Breath of Life

Discover the essence of life with Bnwyfre, the Ancient Druidic term for life force energy. Explore ancient energy pathways and reconnect with the 'Breath of Life' to enhance your well-being and vitality.


Bruce Clifton

4/20/20243 min read


The Ancient Druidic term for life force energy is Bnwyfre, which literally means 'Life Force Energy' or 'Breath of Life.' Ancient energy pathways exist in every form of life, connecting all living things as one. These pathways form a network that criss-crosses the planet, surrounding and inhabiting every living thing. Intricately woven into every element of life and every natural element, they envelop our planet, fostering a harmonious relationship between all life forms and elements. This profound concept recognises the interconnectedness and unity of all living beings, binding them together in a harmonious web of existence, a circle of eternal life.

In the four cardinal directions - North, South, East, and West - along with the Earth's axis in relation to the Sun, in the Northern Hemisphere, a natural trail of energy is discovered. It radiates from the Equator, with the Sun rising in the East, traveling South, and setting in the West. Another more subtle energy is found working in harmony with the sun. This energy follows a slightly smaller cycle. If the sun is considered masculine, then this energy is feminine. If the sun is all-powerful, then this energy is the power behind that power, enabling it to maintain its strength. While the sun is likened to gold, this energy is likened to silver. It operates in cycles of 28 days, with 14 days moving towards the sun and 14 days moving away, constantly feeding and being fed. This divine energy is the moon without which life could not exist.

The Earth is a wondrously fragile web of pathways that intricately weave from the very core of the planet to the depths of the vast oceans and the towering peaks of majestic mountains. These pathways, beautifully etched across the world, are also softly whispered by the gentle caress of the wind, guided with the rain like fairies dancing on a forest floor, painted across the sky like a rainbow following rain. This beautiful delicate energy is intricately woven through the dance of seasons, harmoniously guided by our annual journey around the sun, and gracefully reflected in every ever-changing facet of this remarkable planet we call home. Today they are recognised as “Ley Lines”, lines of energy that lay across the Earth, linking the numerous energy centres.

Acknowledging that all things are energy and part of the fabric of life enables us to accept the Big Bang Theory. Charles Darwin demonstrated remarkable foresight in dealing with the facts that unfold. In the Northern Hemisphere particularly in Western Society, the inclination is to substantiate everything conclusively or through deductive scientific reasoning. If all other possibilities are eliminated, the truth remains. If something looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, then it is a duck. The Big Bang Theory, The Density of Physical Reality is a three-dimensional model rooted in science, deduced through the elimination of numerous possibilities. This is the flaw in an otherwise almost perfect theory, essentially halting the natural energy flow on which it is based.

An alternative reality lies within our reach, founded on multiple dimensions where energy continues to flow, replacing the density of physical reality with actual reality derived from the surrounding energy. It is boundless, timeless, and generates new life through circumstance. Life as we comprehend it transforms into a life reliant on exploring the potential synchronicity of all things, fostering a societal fabric that encourages synchronicity to manifest and where synchronicity has the potential to give birth to new life.

The Ancient Druids, the High Priests, the Elders of ancient civilisations and leaders of the Groves they formed, understood the intricate pathways of energy. They understood time, place and circumstance produced synchronicity. That this energy gave birth to new ‘Life Force Energy’, synchronicity is the ‘Breath of Life’… BNWYFRE (nooo-eeef-ruh)

Chakras are the energy centres within the physical body, and every sentient being has them. They are revealed in ancient Sanskrit scrolls in a language long forgotten, upon which today's science and new knowledge reveal new translations that unveil secrets hidden for hundreds of thousands of years. The information revealed today reveals the earlier sources from which they came; it is these earlier sources that await discovery.